Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Skylar

Hey Y'all!   
I am so excited to introduce to you my friend Skylar.  Not only is she gorgeous but her beauty shines from within as well.  She is new to blogging so I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to visit her blog and introducing yourself.   I know I am looking forward to reading more from her and think you will too! 
Blessings and now Friends meet Sklyar...Skylar meet my sweet friends.  
I know y'all are going to love each other


 Well hello there! My name is Skylar, I blog at  Our Adventure to 3 about all things pertaining to being a newlywed, TTC, and being a college student.

I was married on July 14, 2012 to my absolutely amazing husband, Ben. Since that day we have gone back and forth about when we wanted to have a baby. What started out as a discussion, eventually lead us up to the moment when we threw out our doubts and fears and decided to have our own little one (Not including our furbaby Ryder). 
So far, our journey has been bumpy. We have concurred doubt from our families, my massive mood swing from coming off hormonal birth control (my husband is really amazing to have put up with me), and seeing our first negative test come and gone. 

I have many hobbies that make appearances in my blog posts. I love pinterest crafts and I usually end up doing at least one a month, I read pretty much everything I can get my hands on, I love Disney movies and music (My pandora station may or may not be set to Disney), and I love anything vintage. 

I am working on my bachelors in social work and plan on going straight in for my masters in the fall of 2013. My dream job would be to work in adoptions, which is also discussed in-depth on my blog. However, my basic goal is to change the world, even if it's one person at a time.

We are currently on cycle 2 of TTC, I just recently started back to school after winter break, and my husband has a new job. We are trying to learn how to juggle everything in our busy schedule and still have time for us. We are very early in our TTC journey and we would love to have you come read our story!

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  1. Thanks Cat for posting her blog :) I am heading over right now to follow her because I know I will LOVE her story :)


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