Thursday, February 14, 2013

Miss y'all

I am still alive...still here{just not HERE}
I just wanted to post a really quick post to say thank you all for your sweet comments and emails etc.  
I have really missed y'all and writing and reading ...all that good stuff.
Thank you for understanding I was a) first having a super bad/crazy week then b) i got sick and c) all that and more got combined.
I have felt TERRIBLE for not sharing my post and verses for the challenge.  
I have worried you would be mad at me or something.
I have still been doing my challenges and I will share my verses ASAP 
aka ....when I have more time since I have so much catching up with you to do 

Anyways I am starting to feel some better..But on the other hand life has not slowed down one bit!!
I did have to leave school early on class this week I just felt so bad...I stressed about that too.  

Anyways I just wanted to post really fast and let you know I was still here and I am not going anywhere :)
I can't wait to be back and be myself again.

And if you have commented or emailed me etc I have not been on my computer much at all but I have read emails and comments from my phone etc and they have meant so much!! And PLEASE do NOT think I am ignoring you or anything like that.  I love all your comments and sweet words.  They brighten my day.  I will try and get back with each of you as soon as possible as well.
If I for some reason do not ...PLEASE forgive me it was not intentional.  And on teh ohter hand if I reply to you more than once for the same comment or email ...please just ignore me HA

Hope you are having a BLESSED week!!!


  1. Hope it all settles down for you soon!

  2. Sounds like a crazy time for you. Hope things settle down soon!

  3. We have missed you, hoping you're feeling 100% better soon! Have a great (and prayerfully, relaxing) weekend :)

  4. So glad to hear you are starting to feel better!

  5. Hope you get to feeling 100% soon. Miss you here but I completely understand with all the craziness etc! *hugs*

  6. You are the SWEETEST ever! I am sorry your week got even harder love! Don't you at ALL worry about your little blog.. it's still very loved as are you! Come back when you can, you're doing great! :)

  7. Hope you are still starting to feel better! I have {not intentionally} just been taking a small break from the social media and replying to comments! Tomorrow morning over coffee I will start to catchup. :) Come back when you can, we'll be here!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick


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