Monday, February 4, 2013

{Day 3 and Day 4}

Good Monday Morning! 
 I hope everyone had a blessed weekend.  
I don't know about everyone else, BUT I am really enjoying the Faith Challenge.  It is only day 4 and I have already been so encouraged by reading everyones post and the scriptures/quotes they have chosen.  Thank you all for participating and all the sweet comments. 
Sorry I did not get a chance to get my verse up yesterday.  I bet I didn't spend all but {maybe} 30 minutes online yesterday.  
 I really liked day 3 and 4 challenges of anxiety and worry.  I feel the 2 go hand in hand for me.  One usually follows the other.  So getting into HIS word for my post as well as reading your choices has been a huge inspiration.   I know I am not suppose to worry and I have really been working on not worrying as much.  This was actually one of my goals for 2013.  Hop on over to Just a Small Town Girl ~ Blog to see what I have to share today about "Day 4~Worry"

Day 3 ~ Anxiety

Day 4 ~ Worry

I hope y'all have a blessed Monday! 
"This is the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118 :24


  1. Cat, I have been so inspired by all these posts! Participating in this challenge has been amazing, so far. I can't wait to see what the Lord will teach me as this month, and challenge, continue.

  2. "Choose Faith over Worry" <-- I want to blow that up real big and put it on my bedroom wall so I can see it everyday!

  3. Hi Cat! I'm a new follower through the GFC blog hop. You've definitely already inspired me and I can't wait to read more!


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