Thursday, January 31, 2013

Join the Challenge

Tomorrow is the day I will start the 30 Day Scripture/Faith Challenge.
 {click here for details} 
I am so excited for those of you that are joining us.
  I cannot wait to flood our Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc with Gods word. 
 I can only image how many are going to be inspired and encouraged.  
If you have not linked up all your links be sure and do so that we can all follow each other. 
(feel free to link up any and/or all ways you are going to share)
 I have created the button {above} for you to share. 
 If you are sharing on twitter or instagram lets use hashtag #faithchallenge. 
 Just have fun with this and I pray we are all inspired by this challenge.  
May it draw us closer to God and strengthen our faith. 
 I pray that the challenge will also help others who see and/or read His words.  


  1. Hi Cat, thank you for linking up with me, I have my bible open and I am ready to go, so exciting. Have a blessed day. Tara.

  2. This sounds like a really great idea! I'll consider joining.

  3. Yes! So excited for this challenge. To God be the Glory!!

  4. I love the hashtag idea! I'll go get the tweetin' now :) Just added my link on! So excited!


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