Saturday, January 19, 2013

Textbook Rental

Hello, It's "me" your professional student checking in on y'all.   School is going pretty good so far and I am 3 weeks into my new college.  It has been a transition and I am getting used to things (hopefully).  I am still studying the same thing just now instead of taking all my classes online I am now actually able to attend my classes.  
Anyways enough about me.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a textbook rental company.  If there is one thing I am aware of as a professional college student it is the amount of $$$ that we have to spend on our books.  In one semester alone I have spent approximately $800.  Some semesters have been slightly less and while sadly some have been more :(  I don't know about you but the tuition stresses me out enough...then I have to buy (what I feel like are the most expensive books my professor could find) books!!
Well allow me to tell you about Campus Book Rentals.  Where has this been all my life?  Instead of having to buy your books, you now have the option to rent them.  Who doesn't love a cheaper option?  Not only can you save money renting versus buying, but shipping is free...BOTH ways!  You can save up to 40-90% off most bookstore prices.   Some other perks include the fact that you can still highlight in these books and they offer flexible renting periods.  I also like the  RentBack program.  I have sent several of my books back to company for them to buy them back once I have used them.  It has been a nice feature.  I purchase the books, use them for a semester, then send them back and they send me a check ( much smaller then I sent them for some reason, lol) Well with the RentBack program you send your books to the company and each time another student rents your book you get paid as well.  How cool is that? 
And if you are like me and like helping out for a good cause well with every book rental the company donates to Operation Smile :)

 I definitely want to give renting books a try.  

Still have more questions visit their FAQ

*** while this post has been sponsored by Campus Book Rentals these are my personal thoughts as well***


  1. My husband uses campus book rentals and he loves them! They are so easy to work with.

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