Saturday, December 1, 2012

Special Prayer Request

Hey everyone I know this is my second post of the day BUT I have a special prayer request and felt I could NOT wait till Monday to sit down for this one!!!  PLEASE JOIN ME IN PRAYER for a young lady named Alisa Turner.
Recently I received a comment from a new friend, Chelsea.  She asked me to be keep a friend of hers in my prayers.  This friend was Lisa.  I have since spoke with Chelsea more about sharing this prayer request and she and I both would like to ask you to please keep Lisa and her family in your prayers!!!!
When I read Lisa's story my eyes were filled with tears and I just wanted to hug her and let her know even though we had never actually met I was here for her and would do anything I could possibly do.
Lisa is pregnant and will deliver her baby on December 7th.  But sadly her baby has a condition that the doctors say will cause him to not live once he is born.  Lisa has such strong faith and I admire her for everything she is...a wonderful mother to this baby (whom she has named London), she is a woman of strong faith, she isn't giving up, and for sharing her story with others.  PLEASE read her story by clicking HERE and keep her and London and her husband all in your prayers.  Please share her story and lets get everyone praying with us!!  I am a strong believer in the Power of Prayer and there is nothing too big or too small for OUR LORD!

Thank you so much for your prayers!!! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!!!! 


  1. I will be praying, thank you for sharing I could not imagine going through something like this...

  2. Please also consider changing your profile picture to support them!!/events/331067343666972/

    1. Yes thank you so much. I meant to add that in my post but got caught up in emotions. Thank you for sharing this with everyone!!
      Be Blessed!!

  3. Oh Cat, you don't know how much this means to me. Seriously, I'm crying right now. Ever since she told me what was going on, I've wanted to do something and the best thing I know is prayer. I'm so so SO thankful for you! When I read your testimony, I just knew you would feel a connection with her. I really appreciate your prayers & I know her and her husband do too!! Blessings :)

  4. I will definitely be praying. My heart breaks for her so much. I believe my God can do anything, including saving this baby and giving him a wonderful testimony but the even greater thing is that God will do His will, and His will is always the best.
    *hugs and prayers* to Alisa and her family.


  6. so wonderful for you to post about it so more of us can pray. the power of prayer is great, and baby Landon will be kept in our prayers.

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