Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jesus is the Reason

Is is seriously December!!!  I have got to get with the program!!  I seemed to be overly stressed this Christmas season for some reason.  Do you ever feel like the real reason of the season gets pushed to the side and it has become more of a marketing/materialist holiday.....or is that just me?  Now don't call me scrooge just yet, ha!  I love giving ...but I love that all year or anytime not just Christmas.  I love the magic of Christmas and watching my kids get SOOO excited.  Another thing about Christmas I Love is the Christmas Music!!!!  And since todays Saturday's Song Challenge is to share a Christmas song by a Christian artist I have the perfect song =)  I thought this one was great and I hope you enjoy.  Hope you have a blessed weekend.  Remember JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON

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  1. Very true Cat! After it all we must always remember that Jesus is the reason. I really love the quote. Thanks for sharing and have a super blessed day!

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  3. Love that song! :) Amy Grant is awesome in person too. Thanks for linking up with Saturday Song today!!


  4. I work in a retail store, so I definitely feel like the "reason for the season" gets pushed aside often. I see a lot of people fussing over trivial things.

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