Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday's Song...CHRISTMAS Song

Its Saturday so you know what that means!!  Saturday's Song Link Up!!  I look forward to each weeks challenge and sharing a song.  This weeks challenge was to share your favorite Christmas song.  I knew exactly what song I wanted to share.  This song is definitely a favorite for me and has so much meaning to me as well.  I can remember growing up as a child and attending our church's candlelight service every Christmas eve night.  At the end of each service everyone would light a candle and we would sing this song.  It was my favorite part of the service.  It was always so touching to me even as I child.  I loved the softness and peacefulness.
Then as I grew up and became a mom I began to sing this song to my babies.  Now that they are older and can request songs for me to sing they always ask for this song.  Whenever they are upset I have to sing this to them and whenever they are scared or sleepy they want this song.  Any time I rock them they ask for me to sing this song. It always soothes them.  So around my house I am softly singing this song all year round.  Honestly I could go on forever with stories about this song and my kids...  I can't help but tear up now when I listen to this song as it has such meaning to me.  I hope you enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Silent Night:/CASTING CROWNS from porabb1 on GodTube.


  1. Thank you for sharing Silent Night. What I love about traditional carols is that they can be reworked and made beautiful and powerful in a whole new way.

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. OK, I wish you were my mom! LOL! I can just imagine you singing this to your sweet babes, what a sweet memory for them and you!

  3. What a beautiful version! Thanks for sharing :)


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