Saturday, December 22, 2012

I've been Tagged

I have been Tagged :) Do y'all know Kindra?  If not you really should go introduce yourself...she is such a sweeite!!! Now let me tell you what Kindra has done....sweet Kindra from Trying To Be Who I Am has tagged me in a  little blogging game called 5 Wishes!  The rules of the game are to share 5 wishes I have for this upcoming year 2013 and then I get to "Tag" five other lovely bloggers...Sounds fun enough to me!!  Thanks Kindra again for tagging me!!

In 2013 I wish for......
  • To continue to grow in my faith.  I do not think one can ever get to a point where they feel they cant grow in their faith.  I believe this is a constant need.  I pray that I will continue to strengthen my relationship with God and continue to get into HIS word (BIBLE) and to share HIS love with others.  

  • Love myself....okay I do love myself BUT there are so may things about myself I do not love and I want to be able to love myself fully and be happy with who I am!  I NEED to lose weight and get healthy.  I wish I could look in the mirror and be ok with what I see. I wish I could put on an outfit and feel comfortable.  I wish I could run a few miles again.  

  • This girl is wishing for a camera...HA yes you read it correctly.  I am wishing for something materialist but so I can capture those moments I may never have again.  I have been wanting a camera for a long time now but just haven't had the $$$ to get something like this for myself.  Considering I am a SAHM with two PRECIOUS kids and full time college student getting something for myself ...well lets just go with it hasNOT happened, HA  Now I do have my NOT SO SMART smart phone that takes decent pictures which I am very thankful for BUT why does it ALWAYS seem to die or crash when I want a picture the most!  So I would like a nice camera ...something i can easily use and start capturing moments =) 

  • Be the best mommy I can be.  It is no secret I love my kids SO much! I pray everyday that I can be the best mommy for them and I can provide for them.  I wish in 2013 that I am able to continue to be there for them, let them know how much they are loved and set good examples for them.  I always think of the verse from Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."   

Thanks Michelle for capturing this one for me =)

  • Do NOT Worry ... I am letting another secret out.  I am probably the biggest worrywart ever!  UGH.  While growing in my faith I am working on not worrying so much.  SO in 2013 I wish pray that I will not worry as much about things I have no control over or that don't matter, etc.  

Now that I have listed five of my wished it is time to tag 5 other friends of mine.....
Tag you're IT

Hope you all have a blessed day!!  God Bless!!!


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can see it here!

    Merry Christmas,

    Marquis Clarke

  2. Great wishes! I'm a big worrier too. I'm not as bad as I used to be, but I still worry too much.

  3. These are all so wonderful and thank you for tagging me in it! I will work it up for tomorrow. Hugs! :)

  4. 5 lovely things and aspirations for 2013 !!! Keep us posted on how it all works !!! Great read

  5. Aww. I hope you accomplish all of these in the coming year!
    Can't wait to go check out the ladies you nominated.

  6. Heyyy Cat- so I've been either really sick or really busy so I'm finally catchin up your lovely blog :) I so hope all your wishes come true! I want a camera camera broke a year and a half ago and it still bums me out because I love to take pictures! I know what you mean about being a runs in my family so I come by it naturally, but I will say the past year or so, me and my have really gotten better. Whenever a worry comes across my mind, I say a quick prayer asking for God to take my worries away and help me to trust Him. I don't know if you do something like that, but I think praying about it daily, multiple times, really helped me, as long as having an accountability partner. BTW thanks for tagging me :) I'll blog about my wishes tomorrow- I gotta put my thinking cap on! lol <3

  7. That Christmas tag looked like fun and I was bummed that I have not been tagged. Boo hoo (jk!) I came over to say Merry Christmas from the Merry Monday Meetup! I've already been a GFC follower enjoying your posts. :o) I am getting a camera for Christmas! :) Esther Norine Designs

  8. I love that quote at the end : My child you worry too much, I've got this.' God .....a reminder for us to exercise a little faith. Pray, and let God worry.

    I'm your newest follower, care to stop by my blog and offer any blogging tips? I'm a newbie. ;)



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