Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Yesterday I wrote how I was thankful for my Momma, well I today I want to share I am thankful for my Dad.  I do love my dad and have so many great memories with my him.  Even though we may not be as close as we were while I was growing up ( I was the biggest Daddy's girl) I still love my dad.  I cherish each memory and look forward to new ones.  My dad and I will always have a special connection and relationship.  I know we mean the world to each other.  I am sad that a few things in our lives have caused us to not be as close at times BUT I hope that things are now turning  around for us.  I am thankful for a father who has nor will ever stop loving me and calling me his baby girl.  I am thankful for a dad who hasn't given up.  I am thankful he is a fighter and a survivor and he never ever let the cancer win,  no matter which time he had it. I will always be that little girl who loves her Daddy!  
I love you Dad am very thankful for you.

 I am thankful you took such great care of Buddy (my dog) and gave him such a happy life.

Speaking of dogs (see Buddy above)  I would like to ask for prayers for my black lab "TANK"  who does not seem to be feeling well.  Last night we had the hardest time getting him to eat anything and he just laid there....both are totally unlike him.  Thanks for the prayers

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