Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Cast' Away

  At the end of September my daughter was climbing up her ladder to her loft bed (wearing high heels) and fell.  Needless to say she broke her arm/wrist.  I must add that she demands it was not the high heels that made her fall but the fact that they had a sticker on them. HA ;)  Since then she has had a series of three different cast on her arm keeping her from submerging her arm in water and getting into a "normal" bath routine.  I am not sure who was more excited today when she got the last cast removed and was able to get only a splint this time.  Now she has to wear her splint just all the time just like her cast BUT she can take it off to bathe. Now don't freak out she has been bathing but it has just not been the same, as easy, and relaxing as she refers to it!! Tonight she was so excited to get in the bath and wash that arm.  She was also sure to let me know she needed to make up on her bath time relaxation.  She is just too cute for her own good.
Also today at PT while she was telling the doctors and physical therapist several stories I found myself thinking she could have an awesome blog if she could really read and write.  The things she says are nothing short of priceless.  I want to document all of her stories!!  Well both of my kids could probably have awesome blogs..HA.  I LOVE my kids so much!!!

So here are a few pictures of Karsyn with her different cast.  Sorry I do not have one yet with her new splint, she was not in the mood for a picture showing it today.

  Cast number one

Number two

Number three

God Bless

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