Monday, June 17, 2013

Schools Out For Summer

Well at least school is out for the summer for my kids.
I did not get so lucky
But having them home is great!  I love having them home and not having to rush every morning to get everyone ready and off to school.  So I shared via Facebook last week that I was taking the week off to spend all my time and energy with my kids.  And that is just what I did!!  
We had a great week too!!
If you follow me on Instagram then you were able to get a small idea of the fun we have had.  
Go ahead and take this as your warning
 I will be using Instagram A LOT this summer and most likely   for sure be sharing a lot of pictures!!

This past week I think I took over 100 pictures..don't worry I  wont share them all ;) 
Whenever my daughter does anything she says
 "Mom did you get a picture"  
  "Mom, take my picture"  

My son is warming up to the camera as well!!  YAY 
 {He goes in spurts.}

I guess girls will be girls and boys will be boys

Anyways last week my kids started their riding lessons (horseback riding in case you were wondering).
They Loved it  but how could they not...seriously.
 There is something about riding that makes you feel so free.

I am also keeping my niece this summer and all three kids have enjoyed playing outside.
They have colored our trampoline so many times but then they jump and it is like a magic eraser. 
Sidewalk chalk on the trampoline is the coolest.  Kelly doesn't like for them to write and draw all over our driveway or porches so the trampoline has been great for using all the sidewalk chalk we have.

I also started a new class this past week (Abnormal Psychology) which should be interesting.  Last week we started the class studying anxiety.  It is no secret I have struggled with anxiety so I was really interested about learning more and hopefully being able to help others as well.  
Speaking of school, I unfortunately have had some problems with my college since I have transferred to this college and am seriously thinking about transferring back to Liberty University. 
 So please keep me in your prayers as I make this decision.  
I am sad to leave the friends I have made while at the current school but some things have happened that I am just having a hard time justifying. 
Just to vent and get a few of the things off my mind some of the things (def not all ) have been the school is more expensive and I do not get a choice of taking summer semester off.  They advertise school is only one night a week but in reality you have to meet pretty much everyday with your groups to work on group projects you have due each week.  (Ain't nobody got time for that)
They have messed up my transcripts and didn't tell me until it was almost too late.  
But the biggest was a problem I had with a professor.  This is a LOOONG story.  But basically I am in shock and I went from having right at a 4.0 GPA to who knows what because 
 he "never" got anyones work we clearly all gave him.  
I could write a whole post with everything that has happened but I will not put you through that.

Ok enough of my rambling.
I hope y'all had a great weekend. 
I will try and post as much as I can this week and summer.  
Now I am off to clean house and then let the kiddos rip it back apart, ha...TRUE STORY
Then outside we go for maybe some good ole water hose fun then off the the BARN. 



  1. Hahhah! Our daughters would get along so well! She's the same way. "Did you get a pic?" Hahha

    Never heard of sidewalk chalk on a trampoline!! How stinkin neat is that?! Kinda makes me wanna get a trampoline! Hahha

    I'm praying for your school situation, dear. Hang in there!! Huge hugs to you.

    (P.S. I am in love with your instagram feed!!)

    Upward Not Inward

  2. You better get to blogging girl!

    Here is my new link!

  3. I love these pictures, so wonderful! :)


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