Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh, How Pintersting... Hubby is a Pin

Is it just me or has anyone else been looking forward to this day
 so they can link up their favorite pins of the week?
So here goes... just a few of my favorite from the past few days.  
If you want to see more..and trust me, there are MORE 
Be sure and follow me on Pinterest by clicking here or on any of the following Pin images to take you to my original pin.

I am saving the best for the end...LAST BUT NOT LEAST
 these are totally random.  I had this great idea that I would start posting my pins for this post with certain themes or take turns with certain boards..something BUT yeah well not happening this week and I am saying I will next week.  Absolutely NO guarantee, HA

So if you had a chance to read my weekend update, then you know I had a great weekend. 
Well Monday rolls around and quickly reminds me how the devil will try his best to dull my *shine. 
I mean really, just who does he think he is...and he is messing with the wrong Kitty here.
While I may STRESS out and it may cause some major anxiety..I will continue to praise HIM (God) even in the storms...ok so this is all a whole other post...coming soon ;) 
here are a few pins I pinned Monday to help remind me.

I tell you what I couldn't make it without my Faith and relationship with God

{Now how about some for LAUGHS}
Poor guy I am a professional motivational speaker...if you ask him

This one is for my BYW group/girls.  ;)  
We all ate out this week and played a game with chewing gum
I pinned this before the meeting and game but when looking back it made me laugh even more.

I am pretty sure I am just forgetting EVERYTHING

{Last but NOT Least}

And here it is...MY MOST FAVORITE PIN EVER!!!!!!
I have been so excited (like a lil kid) to share this one.  
Sunday Night I was on Pinterest....Imagine that! Well, I was searching for and looking at  hunting and fishing pins when All the sudden..
"Hey that looks like my hubby...oh it is, did i pin that?  I don't remember pinning it...etc etc." 
Honestly I had to refrain from commenting on this pin that others had pinned saying, "Hey that is my hubby" HA
But I didn't do it. And just so you know when I told him I am pretty sure he thought I was crazy!!

And this last one just summarizes it all up for me!


  1. Sometimes I feel like we might be the same person?! I start looking for pins for the next week on the same day of OHP! Haha! Love the pin of your hubby - and his reaction!! I love when I show J the pins I've found on pinterest, he thinks I'm crazy too!

    Oh and I will respond to your emails, ASAP. lol

  2. How funny! Kelly's face almost looks like it has been photoshopped in, ha! That is neat that you found him like that, especially since you had no idea! :) Love the first quote/pin. Need to print that off! We have a lot going on & it has become a bit stressful!

  3. I think you may be addicted to Pinterest. Does your Pinterest life seem to get in the way of your real life? :) haha Pinterest is the last social I check or spend time on, but I always love looking at all your pins.

  4. Haha the nagging one is too funny!


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