Saturday, April 20, 2013

Laugh WITH me

SO where do I begin...
These past few weeks have had several ups and downs.
But this week just about did it for me..
Do you ever have those moments where you are afraid to ask what is next?  
I had a good friend remind me that God must be preparing me for something BIG..I have to admit after all the other stuff I am a little afraid to know what the BIG thing is.  But then I remind myself I cannot have fear and faith at the same time. It is like light and darkness...the two cannot be present at the same cancels out the other.  

So before I get to yesterday and without dragging you through everything leading to yesterday I just want to ask that you continue to PRAY for my sister.  She is having a difficult time after her brain surgery and since her most recent MRI showed she has an internal leakage she will need surgery again.  
Also keep my sweet 'lil girl in your prayers.  She had her blood work done and the results were not as hoped and should of been, and her levels were low.  Her Dr. has upped her meds and she will have another sleep deprived EEG as soon as school is out. (to avoid missing anymore school)

I do want to thank my friends for being there for let me vent, you calmed me down and most importantly you laughed with at me.  I love all of my friends and they are each a blessing.
Thank you Hubby for all that you do... For putting up with me and providing for our family.  
So i could go one forever about everything else BUT what I really want to share is my day yesterday.
My friend agreed with me when I said this was one of those stories most would never believe...But I do have witnesses HA
And my husband cant stop laughing at me ( and he wasn't even a witness...he just knows how I am) He said I wouldn't tell anyone HAHA..Sorry Hubby my other friends are begging me to share.

So yesterday started out pretty normal.
I went to my kids awards shows and did some other random things
So LONG story short later in the day when it was time to get in the line at the school to pick my kids up. 
Note: School traffic is TERRIBLE and you have to wait FOREVER in line.
Oh and I forgot to mention it is POURING the rain!!!
So here I am waiting in line and I have obviously drank too much water prior because I now feel like I am floating ...seriously I had to pee SOOOOO bad my bladder hurt.  {I am pretty sure the rain didn't help}  I knew I would NOT make it another 20 minutes waiting on my kids, not to mention then drive safety home...I had to go.  Yes I was singing the gotta go, gotta go, gotta go RIGHT NOW song!!
So i get out of the car rider line and park.  I have on my running shorts but NOT my running shoes...nope try FLIP FLOPS!  Remember it is pouring rain and the school is packed with parents picking their kids up and the hallways were full from other kids, parents, and teachers as the older kids awards show was just finishing up.  Well I am looking for a bathroom I can use when BAM I slipped and fell and landed basically laying flat out...I AM EMBARRASSED yes but I quickly get back up  BUT only to take 2-3 more step and BAM I FELL AGAIN!!!!!!!  Seriously who does this???  How in the world I made it to the bathroom is beyond me.  
So after the walk of "shame" I got my son and we and I were walking to get my daughter and you guessed it, YES I slipped again, this time outside. By this time I am soaking wet and a total embarrassment to myself not to mention my poor kids.  They basically "held" me all the way back to our car.   I just got into my car..SOAKING wet and just had to laugh to avoid crying.

PLEASE it only gets better...
No longer than five minutes after I get home and talking on the phone with the hubby telling him what has happened to me I hear a huge crashing noise followed by my kids screaming the trampoline is gone.  SO I go back into the rain...still soaking wet from the previous episode to find my trampoline on top of my house..YES you read it correctly...well it didnt last long as the wind blew it back and it falls off {busting the siding on the house on its way down} I try to catch it but it pulls me...back on the ground I go!  Thank you Ann for coming and not only helping me but witnessing this, LOL
SO Ann and I tried to figuure out what to do (still pouring rain and wind like crazy, obviously) So here we are holding on for dear life to this flying trampoline until some of the guys could come help.  Ann cracked me up when she made the comment "well I haven't flown in a while...that was a good flight"  Literally every time the wind blew you would either get dragged..picked up or knocked down.
{If you follow me on Instagram you got this tease yesterday}

You can only imagine the look on the guys {our hubbies buddies} faces when they got out of their truck.  I am pretty sure it was one of those priceless moments to witness.

Yeah yesterday was the "icing on the cake" for me.  
You either cry or you laugh...Yesterday I chose LAUGH.


  1. Wow on top of the house?! That's crazy!

  2. That is a crazy story!! Glad you are able to laugh about it. I'm pretty sure God has a sense of humor :)

  3. Praying things settle down for you soon!!! Just like Sybil said - God is laughing with you :) And holding your hand with all the falls!

  4. Wow! What crazy stories! I'm glad everyone (especially you, with all those falls) is ok! :-) I'll be keeping your sister and girlie in my prayers!


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