Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Feeling better


So I have came to this conclusion so far my thirties do not agree with me!  Ever since I have turned 30 I have either been sick myself, one of my kids or husband has been sick, my internet got struck by lightening and out for a few days,  and I can't seem to accomplish anything.  
{and I haven't even been 30 for 30 days yet for crying out loud, ha}
So for some Good News I *think* I am finally starting to recover.  This last week was NO FUN. But while I was laying in bed SICK I kept getting great ideas in my head {like I always seem to do when I am trying to rest...does anyone else think of anything and everything when they need to sleep??}...WELL anyways do you think I could remember all those ideas or things I really wanted to say on here etc....you guessed it ...NOPE :(

So regardless I havent wrote much lately because I have not been myself.  
Lying around has depressed me I guess?
  My anxiety has not been the best and I have been stressed.
I didn't want to write anything that was more then mood I was in than who I really am so I just stayed in bed and thought of great things =) 

Seriously I do hope none of you get the bug that has been around my house...it is NO JOKE!!! 
 I even read on another friends Facebook last night that the doctor said it could last even at least 14 days with the symptoms on and off....OH, I PRAYED ....PLEASE NO!!!

Aslo I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and emails, etc for my sister.
  (PLEASE forgive me once again if I still haven't got caught up on replying to emails either) 
She has been having a rough few days since her surgery and I cannot thank you enough for your prayers. 
 Each one means so much to me and my family.  
I am so ready for her and my mom to come back home!!!!!

Anyways...it sure does feel nice to get out of bed and start feeling like myself again.  


  1. Glad you're feeling better!! Not sure if you were there for Sunday School Sunday, but we had breakfast with a friend that was in town from VA, so that's why we weren't there!

  2. Feel better soon for the both of us! This bug sucks!!

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better sweet friend! I'm also glad that you are out of bed, I know being in bed depress me big time! Praise God for your sisters amazing healing! God is good!

  4. So glad you are feeling better. Hugs my friend. :)


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